May 28, 2004

Legal Strategies for Unlicensed Microbroadcasters

Our feature on this program comes to us courtesy of Freak Radio Santa Cruz and V-Man: a review of strategies being pursued by unlicensed microbroadcasters, including San Francisco Liberation Radio and Radio Free Brattleboro.

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May 21, 2004

Dual Broadcast and Interview with Skidmark Bob and V-Man of Freak Radio Santa Cruz, on their recent visit from the FCC

On May 13, the FCC made another visit to the new home of unlicensed community radio station Freak Radio Santa Cruz just hours after the station moved to a new location and powered up. On this edition of the radioshow, we talked live to FRSC's Skidmark Bob and V-Man, who were at the station when the FCC showed up. This program aired live simultaneously on WEFT and on Freak Radio Santa Cruz.

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May 07, 2004

Interview with Charlotte Hatch of San Francisco Radio

In a live interview, Charlotte Hatch talks about San Francisco Liberation Radio's day in court facing down the FCC.

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