August 27, 2004

Local Man Charged With Eavesdropping for Videotaping Traffic Stops

Martell Miller is our guest on this program. He was recently arrested and charged with felony eavesdropping for videotaping police traffic stops that occur in a predominantly black area of Champaign, as part of an effort to demonstrate the inequality of police action against black citizens.

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August 20, 2004

Information Resources for RNC Protests

On this program we explore some of the information prepation for the protests that will surround the Republican National Convention happening in New York City beginning Aug. 30. Drew talks to a representative of free103point9, which is coordinating a live internet webcast from the protests, and Ellen Knuston joins us in the studio to discuss Radical Reference, which connects reference librarians to indy journalists and others looking for accurate information.

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August 13, 2004

National Summit on Community Wireless Networks

Our guests are Sascha Meinrath, of the Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network, and Ben Scott, a policy analyst with the media reform group Free Press, who discuss the upcoming National Summit for Community Wireless Networks.
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August 06, 2004

Public Access TV In Urbana, Chicago and Elsewhere

The feature is an interview with Greg Boozell, who is techincal director for Chicago Access Network and on the Urbana Public TV (UPTV) Commission. We talk about what public access TV, how it works, and some local issues about UPTV, including recent controversy over whether or not UPTV will air the TV version of Pacifica's Democracy Now.

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