November 26, 2004

mediageek 11-26-04: The Challenges Facing Independent Movie Theaters

On this edition Paul talks to Colleen Cook, co-manager of Boardman's Art Theater in Champaign, IL. They discuss the importance of independent cinema and the challenges facing independent theaters as they get squeezed by the big multiplexes.



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November 20, 2004

mediageek 11-19-04: Urbana Public TV Closer to Democracy Now; Last Minute Congressional Moves

Drew brings us audio from the Nov. 19 meeting of the Urbana Public TV Commission, wherein they approved policy changes paving the way for the channel to air series programming and accept the donation of satellite receiving equipment. We also discuss some recent Congressional action, including the surprise renomination of Jonathan Adelstein to the FCC.



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November 12, 2004

Making Waves in Tuscon, Arizona - Interview with Documentarian Michael Lahey

On this edition Paul talks with Michael Lahey, the documentarian behind Making Waves, which follows the travails of three unlicensed radio stations in Tuscon, AZ, and is one of the best treatments of the micropower/pirate radio phenomenon. We also take a critical look at the news of our communications environment.



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November 05, 2004

Building Mini-FM Transmitters for Art and What the Election May Mean for our Media Environment

On this edition we feature interviews with people making transmitters and the sounds of radio-art performance from the Radio Access Democracy conference. We also discuss what changes the recent election will bring to the FCC and media reform and policy issues.


See this blog post for more on Radio Access Democracy and for pictures from the conference and workshop.

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