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Zine/Mini-Comix Info for the Aug. 16 Edition of the mediageek radio show

Guest A.J. Michel brought along a whole pile of mini-comix to share with us, but unfortunately the medium of radio didn't allow us to show them to you during the show. Below is a listing of the comix she mentioned, along with links to samples.

Clutch: Forty Days/$2 ; Clutch #4 /$1, both by Greig Means. Clutch features little snapshots of Greig’s life captured in comic form. I really like his combination of both detail and simplicity. Clutch captures the mundane of everyday life, although with special appeal to zine makers – how many times do you get to read comics that feature the hero making photocopies? Greig Means, PO Box 12409, Portland OR 97212
m@b Comics, by Matthew Blackett. Latest issue is #14 – You’re Looking Good These Days. Matt keeps an extensive web site, and posts the three most recent issues of the comic along with bios of the characters and other information at
My Small Diary by Delaine Derry Green and Not My Small Diary edited by Delaine Derry Green. Latest issue of MSD is #3 and is available for $1. Latest issue of NMSD is a two-volume set, 9.0 and 9.1, and is available for $2. Delaine Derry Green, 1204 Cresthill Road, Birmingham, AL 35213. You can see samples of her (and other artists’ work) at her web site:

Raven’s Children by Layla Marie Lawlor. Issues #1-5 are available individually for $2, and there is a recently published anthology. The best way to find Raven’s Children is to check her web site, She can be reached at PO Box 3283, Champaign IL 61826-3283

3.05 Metres: A Ten Foot Rule Primer and Treatment Bound: A Ten Foot Rule On the Road Special, both by Shawn Granton; also Modern Industry edited by Shawn Granton. Shawn Granton’s storytelling is as engrossing as his art. 3.05 Metres is a “best of” collection from previous issues and is $2. Treatment Bound was created for Shawn’s summer tour of zine conferences and is $1. He also edits Modern Industry, a comics compilation. Recent Modern Industry products include Futurista! Volumes 1 and 2 ($4 each volume), visions of the future. Shawn Granton, 3719 SE Hawthorne Blvd, #243, Portland OR 97214

The Assassin and the Whiner
, by Carrie McNinch. Latest issue is #14 and is available for $1 plus a stamp or two. Carrie also does Food Geek, a food zine with lots of comics. It’s also $1 plus a stamp. Orders to Carrie McNinch, PO Box 49403, Los Angeles, CA 90049


Minicomic (and Zine) Finding Aids

Comixville: A Quick, Little Guide to Self-Published Comics/Latest Issue #2/Send one stamp Point-of-contact catalog for mini-comics, including descriptions, sample panels, and mailing addresses for the individual creators. Comixville, PO Box 697, Portland OR 97207-0697

Free Press Death Ship/#1/Donations (my suggestion is at least $3-$5) Violet Jones enters the zine review zine scene with this beautiful publication. Violet Jones, PO Box 55336, Hayward CA 94545

Xerography Debt/#8/$2 XD a great zine resource and a great read, too. Xerography Debt, PO Box 963, Havre de Grace, MD 21078

mediageek's zine-reviewer A.J. Michel publishes Low Hug and Laundry Basket. Get your copies at the Urbana IMC, e-mail or write A.j. Michel, PO Box 2574, Champaign IL 61825 for information. Low Hug #8 will be published in late September.