JVC Gumy earbuds in blue, black, yellow, green, red, pink, purple and white

In Praise of the Elusive, Simple Earbud

I like earbuds. Not in-ear-monitors (IEMs) that go into your ear canal, which are often called “earbuds,” even though they’re not ­– at least they’re not to me. I’m talking about old fashioned earbuds, like the ones that came with your iPod or MP3 player in 2005. They have wires and just sit in your […]

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Mediageek Radioshow and Podcast now at the Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications in the Internet Archive

I am very honored to have my old radioshow and podcast, also named mediageek, archived at the Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications in the Internet Archive. While listening back to some old episodes, nearly all recorded live from a community radio studio, occasionally makes me cringe, there are also interviews I’m proud of, […]

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Olympus Stylus 830 on a DJ mixer, in front of a turntable

Is the Best Digicam the One that’s in Your Junk Drawer? A Reassessment of the Olympus Stylus 830

I’ve been monitoring this apparent digicam revival, and have noted that the true connoisseurs have a particular affection for the CCD sensors these cameras contained from their invention in the late 90s through the first decade of the new century when the CMOS sensor took over. Wanting to re-check this out, I thought it might be fun […]

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How I Became the Cassette King of Community Radio

In the late 1990s, when I was in grad school at a major Midwestern state university, my assistantship was working in the Language Learning Lab, supervising the video facilities – delivering VCRs on carts and maintaining an aging and lightly-used production studio. There was also an audio lab that was managed by a full-time professional, […]

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