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Jon Katz has posited an

Jon Katz has posited an interesting question on Slashdot: “Would You Ever Read a Newspaper Again?” Interesting to me, since a shift to the ‘net means the potential for more grassroots involvement and exposure–but what if you’re just looking at

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John Anderson, editor of pirate/free

John Anderson, editor of pirate/free radio at has been really keeping on the case of the NAB-led movement to kill LPFM in Congress. Read his newest update on their Propaganda. Click here to see the Hall of Shame for Illinois (ILL. reps who’ve signed on to this bill).

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The Feb. 20 edition of

The Feb. 20 edition of RFC, featuring Bill Taylor of the Primary Communications Project is available in mp3 format for listening and download at the A-Infos Radio Project. Click here to go right to it.

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An e-mail I received reports

An e-mail I received reports that a Pacifica Strikers Press Conference is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 24 at, 12 noon at the Center for Constitutional Rights, 666 S. Broadway, NYC. Scheduled attendees include:Mimi Rosenberg, Attorney, Legal Aid Society; Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media Ecology at NYU, Director of the Project on Media Ownership, Striking […]

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The FCC approved Low-Power

The FCC approved Low-Power FM broadcasting for the U.S. in late January. But John Anderson, the pirate/free radio editor at, reports that a piece of legislation in the House called the "Broadcasting Preservation Act of 1999" has 82 sponsors and threatens to kill LPFM before it starts. Click here to find out more. Free […]

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