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Free Radio Berkeley has planned

Free Radio Berkeley has planned a Micropower Broadcasting Council of War (for today… which is when I found out) to figure out how to jam and shut down the National Association of Broadcaster’s Radio Convention, set for Sept. 20 – 23, 2000 in San Francisco.

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The same day that I

The same day that I found out that Sen. Fitzgerald signed on as a cosponsor to S.2068 I received a written response to my letter I sent him urging him to support LPFM. He says nothing substantial, giving no hint that his intention was to cosponsor th bill that aims to kill LPFM. Click here […]

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On May 24 11 U.S.

On May 24 11 U.S. Senators released a letter and petition to their colleagues, urging them to support low-power FM, and to oppose S. 2068, which seeks to kill LPFM. These senators are: Kerrey (D-NE), McCain (R-AZ), Durbin (D-IL), Schumer (D-NY), Wellstone (D-MN), Breaux (D-LA), Kohl (D-WI), Rockerfeller (D-WV), Torricelli (D-NJ) and Feingold (D-WI). Click […]

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According to the U.S. Senate

According to the U.S. Senate website Illinois’ own Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (r) has signed on as a co-sponsor to the Radio Broadcasting Preservation Act of 2000 (S. 2068), which intends to kill low power broadcasting before it starts. The total number of sponsors is now up to 31, just 20 fewer than needed to pass […]

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