I just received the following

  • I just received the following breaking update on the LPFM situation in Congress from the Low Power Radio Coalition:


    At 5:30 this morning, the Commerce State Justice
    Appropriations bill was submitted to both houses of
    Congress. This bill includes a rider (S. 3020) that guts
    the FCC’s Low Power Radio proposal. The House is scheduled
    to vote on the package later today, with the Senate voting

    As things stand right now, the President will veto the
    bill. We are hopeful that his veto message to Congress
    includes LPFM as one of the reasons for the veto – we will
    know in a few hours. If the President vetos the bill, then
    there will be a final negotiation between the Republican
    leadership and the White House, then a new bill be will
    brought before Congress early next week. We need the White
    House to stand firm in support of LPFM.

    Regardless, this is the final showdown. If the bill goes
    through with the rider, LPFM is essentially toast. It will
    take a number of significant victories in the November
    election for LPFM to have any credible short-term future
    (Gore over Bush and a Democratic house, for two).

    Please, please, please:
    Call and email your congressman and senators TODAY! Tell
    them this back-door attempt to override the long public
    process held by the FCC is totally unacceptable. You can
    get contact information for your representatives from this
    site: http://congress.nw.dc.us/lpr

    Please spread the word. 10,000 emails to congress may be
    our last best chance to preserve the FCC plan.

    Michael Bracy
    Low Power Radio Coalition

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