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Yet again, John Anderson, host

Yet again, John Anderson, host of pirate/free radio at, has an interesting article–this time about a couple of pioneering microbroadcasters using the ‘net as way to provide true public-access radio. While community radio, where most folks can have access to a real radio studio, provides public access to make media not otherwise seen, it’s […]

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I’m back from a long

I’m back from a long Thanksgiving vacation in Colorado and ready to resume posting. I tuned around the radio dial a little bit on my car trip out and while in the Denver metro area. As one might expect, there was quite a bit of country music to be had, along with a lot of […]

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I must have missed this

I must have missed this one, being caught up in the LPFM fight: Current Magazine reports that the Sen. Kent Conrad successfully blocked the passage of a bill that would have put religious broadcasters on par with educational non-profit brodcasters. This would have meant that religious brodcasters would not have to prove the public interest […]

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Free Politics & Free Media!

Free Politics & Free Media! The Prairie Greens and the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center are hosting a benefit concert and teach-in on Sunday Nov. 5th at the Highdive in downtown Champaign (Illiniois). Some of the features include: members of the Poster Children, local folk-hero Paul Kotheimer, newspoetry, as well as short talks on Indpendent Politics, […]

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