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Apparently the shit has hit

Apparently the shit has hit the fan at Pacifica again. This time it’s at NYC station WBAI. Reports from the station indicate that Pacifica director Bessie Wash has fired WBAI’s station manager Valerie Van Isler and program director Bernard White, the doors to the station have also been locked and station staff are being admitted […]

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Strangely enough, NPR did a

Strangely enough, NPR did a short piece on the LPFM cutback today on All Things Considered. They did include the fact that NPR lobbied agressively against LPFM and gave Kennard and LPFM advocates some say. Click here to listen to the story. Here’s links to some other stories on Congress’ attack on LPFM that are […]

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The mainstream media finally recognizes

The mainstream media finally recognizes the evisceration of low-power FM. Today the New York Times reports on the anti-LPFM rider attached to the omnibus budget bill. Of particular note is this observation: “Taking a direct slap at the regulators, the new law shifts the policy- making authority from the F.C.C. to Congress to set standards […]

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Direct from the horse’s mouth

Direct from the horse’s mouth — this is what the National Association of Broadcasters is telling the world about their crippling of LPFM: IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT OF NAB PRESIDENT/CEO EDWARD O. FRITTS ON PASSAGE OF LEGISLATION PROTECTING RADIO LISTENERS AGAINST INCREASED INTERFERENCE “We are pleased that Congress has protected radio listeners against additional interference that […]

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It’s looks like LPFM has been crippled by our elected representatives

I’ve searched all the major gov’t databases, including Thomas, and Lexis-Nexis’ Congressional Universe, and can’t find an updated status on the Commerce appropriations bill that contains the onerous anti-LPFM rider, but I’ve received word from the Center for Democratic Communciations and from Radio Free Richmond that the bill did pass Congress and should be signed […]

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