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Community Radio WEFT is holding

Community Radio WEFT is holding a special meeting and teach-in on the ongoing travails at Pacifica this Thursday, Feb. 1, at 7:00 PM at the Illinois Disciples Foundation, at the Northwest corner of Springfield and Wright in Champaign (IL). The meeting is sponsored by the WEFT Associates, which is the democratic body of the station’s […]

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My e-mail has been all

My e-mail has been all a-flutter today with details of the news that Juan Gonzalez, co-host of Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now, has resigned in protest of the crackdown by Pacifica management on free speech at the network’s program and forced management changes at Pacifica’s NYC station WBAI, where Democracy Now originates. Gonzalez tendered his resignation […]

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A story that is representative

A story that is representative of the massive consolidation and homogenization that is ongoing in the radio industry: the NY Times reports on the sale of commercial classical music station WNIB in Chicago to Bonneville Communications for $167million. Largely run as a labor of love, the station is likely to be changed to pop music […]

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Salon has an absolutely hysterical

Salon has an absolutely hysterical interview with the strangely astutely observant Lloyd Kauffman, founder and president of Troma Films, the last of the real independent low-budget movie studios. I include this link because no matter what you think of Troma’s films (and I think they’re usually pretty funny and occasionally brilliant) I think you have […]

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