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There is a new unlicensed

There is a new unlicensed low-power radio station in Springfield, IL according to the State Journal-Register. The station, calling itself WY2K, is operating at 100 mw on 1690 AM, so that, theoretically, it is within the part 15 range not requiring a license. However, it will be interesting to see if the FCC chooses to […]

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Wired News reports that Michael

Wired News reports that Michael Powell, Gen. Colin Powell’s son, is the likely new head of the FCC. Powell has said he favors a “hands-off” approach to regulation, and disfavors the FCC getting involved in corporate mergers like AOL/Time-Warner. Powell’s approach will likely be a turnaround from that of current chair William Kennard, who, while […]

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On Sunday’s Show (1/7/00): John

On Sunday’s Show (1/7/00): John Anderson of the pirate/free radio page at will be my guest for a wrap-up on the year in free radio, low power FM, and the movement for greater media democracy. You can tune in live on the ‘net at 10:00 am CST at the WEFT website, or check back […]

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