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Slight Site Updates:

Slight Site Updates: I’ve updated the site a little this weekend. The audio archive is now up to date, and the broken links for the articles page are fixed. I also added a new commentaries page. Right now this contains some of the longer commentary posts I’ve made to the news page, so you don’t […]

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The Washington Post asks the

The Washington Post asks the question, “Is Online Journalism On Its Way Out?” The basis for their question is the recent spate of layoffs at ‘zines like Salon (a personal favorite), and the near-universal lack of profits at big name, big-media sites like Microsoft’s Slate,, Disney/ABC’s Go network, etc. But I think the author […]

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Yikes! Napster offers the music

Yikes! Napster offers the music industry $1 billion to settle! I just read this now on, which posted it a little more than an hour ago — this is the link to the story. All I have to say is that $1 billion is a shitload of money, and it depresses me to think […]

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Sunday’s show is now available

Sunday’s show is now available for listening on-line. My guest was Jay Sand, an independent journalist who has been working in the global Indpendent Media Center movement, including the IMCs in D.C. and in Philadelphia, his home base. I met Jay (and roped him into an interview) because he stopped by the Urbana-Champaign IMC on […]

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Report from FAIR: How Power Shapes the News

Report from FAIR: How Power Shapes the News Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting has relieased their first ever report on the interaction of commercial and political power and news agencies, with a focus on detailing incidents in which financial or political power exerted control over things that were or were not reported. In many cases […]

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