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Post-Napster Peer-to-Peer:

Post-Napster Peer-to-Peer: Wired News today has a couple of reports (article one – article two) from the O’Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference being held in San Francisco. Translating geek into English, Peer-to-Peer is a type of computer networking that allows file sharing between any two computers on a network, where typically information only flows between client computers […]

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Independent Media where it’s really needed:

Independent Media where it’s really needed:I meant to post this a couple of days ago (but forgot!)… Indymedia Chiapas has now set up shop, providing coverage to this embattled Mexican state. According to their site: “Indymedia Chiapas (IMC~C) inaugurates its website on Feb 9th 2001, exactly six years after Zedillo betrayed his word to uphold […]

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Jason Pankoke, of Micro-Film fame

Jason Pankoke, of Micro-Film fame wrote a follow-up to his previous ‘zine article for the C-U Octopus. His new article checks in on the local zine scene based upon the “zine caucus” I wrote about on the 6th. Since the Octopus site is down, Jason sent me the article to post on mediageek. Click here […]

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Independent Music?

Independent Music? Two sort of related items here. First, by now everyone should have heard about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision against Napster, allowing it to continue operating but ordering that a lower court modify its injunction against the service. The result being that it’s likely that lower court will force Napster to […]

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I tried to post this

I tried to post this the other day, but blogger wasn’t cooperating: And more on new FCC Chair Michael Powell… Feed features a commentary by Clay Shirky proclaiming that the FCC under his tenure will catalyze the greatest change in our media landscape since the Depression.” Shirky predicts conflict between Powell and cultural conservatives who […]

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