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Upcoming Indpendent Media Events:

Upcoming Indpendent Media Events: If you’re in the Champaign-Urbana, IL area (my home base) there are some interesting independent media-related events going on in the next couple of weeks. Sorry to be parochial for those of you not from ’round here… but them’s the breaks. Micro-Film Verite A public display of personal cinema in action. […]

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More on EMusic Buyout: Wired

More on EMusic Buyout: Wired News reports that Universal Vivendi’s purchase of indie online music retailer EMusic is going through, however the independent artists and labels that licensed their music to Emusic aren’t necessarily happy with this major label deal. My favorite quotes come from Jeff Price, president of SpinArt records: “One of the things […]

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bloggin’ with a vengeance… Alexander

bloggin’ with a vengeance… Alexander Cockburn dedicates this week’s post to his and Jeffrey St. Clair’s political newsletter/webzine Counterpunch to observations on the sorry state of radio and glimmers of hope in the Pacifica struggle as he drives I-40. I’ve driven across the midwest and back to the East coast several times in the last […]

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