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And then… mp3 buyout…

And then… mp3 buyout… ZD Net reports that, a pioneer in selling mp3 music on the web–mostly indie-label stuff–is closing in on being bought out by a major label, reportedly Vivendi Universal. Apparently someone thinks there’s money in them dar mp3 hills. Either that, or it’s a buyout aimed at shutting up.

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And yet, Napster usage surges,

And yet, Napster usage surges, despite lawsuits and filtering. Still, don’t think Napster’s making any money. And, frankly, I like the filters, since I’m not interested in mainstream major label music the filters take out the spurious Metallica and Britney Spears hits from my searches. The Times reports that folks overseas use Napster more than […]

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The End of Peer-to-Peer?

The End of Peer-to-Peer? Today the Wall Street Journal declares that the “Peer-to-peer party comes to a halt.” The article argues that peer-to-peer networking strategies–which link together users’ computers on the net in a distributed manner, typically without a central server–are failing due to their inability to find funding or a profit model. Further dampening […]

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Broadcasters Extorting the Political Process

Broadcasters Extorting the Political Process The American Prospect this month features an article called “Cornering the Airwaves,” that details the rich bounty that television broadcasters reap from political campaigns through their ad dollars. Author Paul Taylor points out the election season price gouging that goes on, despite federal laws prohibiting such practices. The key to […]

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