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Webradio — a Slight Return

Webradio — a Slight Return This year saw a massive decline in broadcast radio stations also broadcasting on the Internet. This is due to the recording industry association (RIAA) pursuing the payment of royalties for Internet broadcasts that they don’t collect for conventional broadcasting, and due to questions about additional royalties owed union voice talent […]

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Victory for Non-Comm Radio: No Auctions

Victory for Non-Comm Radio: No Auctions The Media Access Project announces and celebrates their court victory with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals overturning an FCC decision to make non-commercial broadcasters compete at auction for spectrum space. As part of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 Congress ammended the Communications Act (section 309(j)(1)) to specifically […]

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DVD-R Mania

DVD-R Mania We just got a new DVD-R Recorder/Burner today at work, the $800 Pioneer DVR-A03. We’ve waited about 2 months for this unit, since the retail box version has been only available in smaller quantities. I believe the drive has already been shipping in the high-end Apple G4. For those who don’t know, this […]

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Who’s a geek?

Who’s a geek? Just read a pretty useless article on about a silly survey on supposed geek lifestyles conducted by the Industry Standard. Not otherwise blog-worthy, but for this tidbit: 9 percent own a minidisc player–a cool, useful and supported niche digital technology–and 6 percent have a laserdisc player–a cool, unsupported and recently obsolete […]

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