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My New Cheap Camcorder —

My New Cheap Camcorder — How Good? Last week I received my Panasonic PVDV900 digital camcorder that I bought at auction on I’m a big believer in not paying full price for technology and gadgets, and also a big believer in not buying in at the top of the curve. You get far more […]

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Media Consolidation in Canada

Media Consolidation in Canada In the already very consolidated Canadian media market, the Canadian Telecomm authority (CRTC) approved on Aug. 3 the renewal of 7-year broadcast licenses for CTV, which is part of the same company that owns the Globe and Mail newspaper, and Global. The CRTC also gave it blessing to CTV’s intention to […]

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Another Progressive Radio Station Lost

Another Progressive Radio Station Lost Times are tough in New York. First there have been major troubles at Pacifica station WBAI. Now, as the NY Times reports, the city is set to lose another progressive voice on the radio airwaves when station WEVD turns over management to ABC, which will program it with the satellite-based […]

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More Digital Video Editing

More Digital Video Editing Tom’s Hardware does it again with this very useful and complete guide for building a digital video capture and editing system. The guide includes reviews of several very popular capture cards costing from $100 – $1000. It’s part two of a series — part one is here.

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