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More on @Home: Broadcasting &

More on @Home: Broadcasting & Cable reports that the broadband service is losing affiliates Comcast and Cox Communications, both of which operate cable TV systems. The short report also says that the @Home creditor demanding immediate payment of $50 million–a payment that threatened to shove the company right into bankruptcy–is now delaying its demand. Ay, […]

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I, Cringely has this incisive

I, Cringely has this incisive analysis of the problems facing Excite @Home cablemodem broadband Internet service, as the company stands perched on the brink of bankruptcy. After delving into some of the internal company politics that hampered the company, Cringely nonetheless reaches the conclusion that “Excite@Home failed mainly because broadband did not grow as quickly […]

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I posted the news reported

I posted the news reported on today’s edition of my radio program to the Urbana IMC site. Some of the news was already reported here–but has been edited and revised with more recent information for broadcast–so I won’t waste blog space with it. If you’re interested you can read it here.

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