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More on Echostar/Direct TV deal:

More on Echostar/Direct TV deal: The NY Times reports that while the deal may have an easy time passing the “pro-business” FCC, it will likely have much more trouble passing muster with anti-trust regulators at the Justice Department. I have an idea — why not let GE donate Hughes/DirecTV to FreespeechTV or the Indymedia network […]

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Some FCC tidbits: Washington DC

Some FCC tidbits: Washington DC public station WAMU did an interview with FCC Chair Michael Powell on its program Public Interest. Click to listen. I’ll comment after I get a chance to listen to it. The FCC also announced that Chairman Powell has created a Media Ownership Working Group. About the Group, Powell said, “Rebuilding […]

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Examining the Business of Public Radio

Examining the Business of Public Radio Washington Business Forward has a reasonably comprehensive article on the current finances of National Public Radio. It gives a nice history of how the network has grown from being entirely publicly funded to relying on listener contributions to members stations and corporate grants, while also giving fair due to […]

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Satellite TV Consolidation

Satellite TV Consolidation After much hemming and hawing it looks like EchoStar communications, which owns the Dish Network, will be buying Direct TV parent Hughes Electronics from GM. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. had tendered an offer for the network but pulled it after GM failed to make a decision at its last board meeting. Had […]

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