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Scientific American has a nice

Scientific American has a nice short, but balanced article on the technical side of low-power FM: “DOES LOW-POWER FM RADIO CAUSE UNACCEPTABLE INTERFERENCE?” Rather than lingering on the interference hysteria sold to Congress by the NAB, the article actually worries about reality, noting that “Congress may be reacting more to political pressure than technical data, […]

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A follow up to an

A follow up to an earlier entry about legislation that would require copy protection in all digital hardware — ZDNews says that the big tech players, like Microsoft, Intel and IBM, are staging a full-frontal assault on that legislation. greed vs. greed in a fight to the finish.

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Midwest IMCistas Meeting in Urbana this Weekend

Midwest IMCistas Meeting in Urbana this Weekend Just a quick note that it’s still not too late to join in the Regional IMC Gathering and Workshop this weekend at the Urbana-Champaign IMC. Anyone interested in independent media is invited and welcome, just as long as you can get to Urbana. Go to the webpage for […]

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More Record Industry Nonsense

More Record Industry Nonsense ZDNet’s David Coursey says that “the RIAA owes us all an apology” for their half-witted attempt to get immunity for hacking into our computers, while the consumer electronics industry is backing legislation aimed at forcing the industry to license independent vendors to sell digital music (my favorite quote: “There is a […]

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