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Felon Loses Radio Stations

Christopher Maxwell from Radio Free Richmond points out this report from Radio and Records that stations in Indiana and Missouri owned by Michael Rice have been shut down by the FCC because of Rice’s felony criminal record. The FCC said that it’s action is “incontrovertibly final,” due to the Commission’s belief that Rice misrepresented his […]

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Is Streaming Worth It for Public Radio?

Is Streaming Worth It for Public Radio? This is the question asked by Current, the journal of Public Broadcasting. The article sizes up the cost and benefit of being on-line given the recording industry efforts to charge royalties for songs played on-line (they don’t charge for regular broadcast) and the Associated Press’ new 15% surcharge […]

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Indie Rock Meets IndyMedia, sorta

Indie Rock Meets IndyMedia, sorta The Poster Children are perhaps the most well-known indie rock band from Champaign-Urbana, IL (the mediageek homestead), and they very much embody the DIY spirit, writing, recording and producing their own music in their own home studio, while also producing all their own artwork and even videos. They also do […]

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Some quick links I’ve gathered

Some quick links I’ve gathered this week, but haven’t had time to comment much on: Boulder Weekly reported on Free Radio Boulder on Sept. 6. A lot of the same territory is covered that you see whenever the press covers a free radio station, but at least the article is fair. Record industry sues Napster […]

Continue Reading is keeping tabs on is keeping tabs on media concentration with a special watch guide called: “Will Ownership Rules Be Trashed Behind Our Backs?” The worry is that with the media hyperfocused on the aftermath of Sept. 11 that there will be little debate or notice about the FCC’s upcoming review of ownership rules, and that change of […]

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