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Happy Birthday Indymedia!

Happy Birthday Indymedia! Friday, Nov. 23, was the 2nd birthday of the Indymedia revolution. On Nov. 23, 1999, the first Indymedia website went online and received its first post, just days before the streets of Seattle erupted in protest against the meetings of the WTO. The success of the protests and the volunteer citizen-journalists who […]

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Breakthrough at Pacifica?

Breakthrough at Pacifica? SavePacifica is reporting that a plan to democratize the embattled Pacifica Network was agreed to by the Pacifica National Board. The plan would turn control over to an interim board made up of five members elected by the current board and five by heads of the five Pacifica Local Advisory Boards. Democracy […]

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More on copy protected CDs and unintended consequences for radio

ZDNet has an article that also references FatChuck’s site, and those wacky Brits at the BBC proclaim with alliterative style, “Pirate-proof pop goes public.” The Beeb’s article notes at the end that one of the new copy protected CDs, Natalie Imbruglia’s new album, showed up on file-sharing networks before it was available in stores. That’s […]

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FatChuck’s is keeping a list

FatChuck’s is keeping a list of “corrupt CDs” that are made to inhibit your ability to copy them or play them on computers or Playstations (but supposedly play OK on CD players)–via ResearchBuzz. Although I guess some poor schmuck has to find out before you that a CD can’t be ripped or enjoyed on your […]

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Pacifica, pacifica, pathetica….and public radio

Pacifica, pacifica, pathetica….and public radio As I reported on my program yesterday, the embattled Pacifica radio network continues to hobble through a minefield of controversy, as its management hunkers down to maintain power at all costs–even if that cost is the health of the very network itself. In summary, the most recent news is that […]

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