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Leave It to Canada

Leave It to Canada Every so often I spin the Internet radio dial around to find some interesting radio news as an alternative to my regular dose of the BBC World Service, NPR, and community radio. Tonight I thought I’d check out Radio Canada Int’l, and hear another anglophone nation’s take on the world. First […]

Continue Reading Is Back Up And Is Back Up And they’re trying to restore from an archive of the site from before the raid. The webmaster of RaisetheFist posted an update to Los Angeles Indymedia today. And NYC IMC has this compliation of info and links on the raid.

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NYC, WEFT, Protestors and the Media

NYC, WEFT, Protestors and the Media Things are gearing up in New York City for the World Economic Forum. As I noted yesterday, it seems the local media already has it in for the protestors, and they haven’t even hit the streets yet. On Free Speech Radio News today they did a segment on this, […]

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Feminist Rap Artist Sues FCC

Feminist Rap Artist Sues FCC According to the NY Times Sarah Jones, whose song “Your Revolution” garnered an indecency violation from the FCC for community radio station KBOO, has filed suit against the Commission, charging that her song is not indecent and that fining KBOO for playing it is a violation of her first amendment […]

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FAIR: NYC Newspapers Smear Activists Ahead of WEF Protests

FAIR: NYC Newspapers Smear Activists Ahead of WEF Protests “In a few days, the World Economic Forum will hold its annual meeting, an elite gathering of what the WEF calls the worldÂ’s “top decision-makers”– in other words, big business leaders and government officials. The event usually takes place in Davos, Switzerland, but will be in […]

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