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The Boulder Daily Camera reports

The Boulder Daily Camera reports that the “FCC closes underground station” in Nederland, CO. This is a clear case of: if you run a pirate station, be careful answering the door and don’t answer questions from FCC agents. They’re not cops and you don’t have to talk to them. (via the radio forum at

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Last night I presented my

Last night I presented my proposal for a new mediageek radio show to the WEFT Programming Committee. If the committee sees fit to grant the proposal, it will air Fridays at 5:30 PM after Free Speech Radio News, which I think is a suitable lead-in. Another demo show will air tomorrow during that time slot, […]

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Got Those Consolidation Blues

Got Those Consolidation Blues I’m beginning to think that the DC Court of Appeals won’t be happy until the big four media companies own every damn cable system, tv station, radio station, newspaper and Internet property in the country. Last week the Court struck down an FCC rule barring companies from being in both the […]

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Meet Indymedia

Meet Indymedia This week I’m coordinating a week in residence for the Urbana-Champaign Indpendent Media Center at a living/learning residence hall at the Unviersity of Illinois. It’s an opportunity to prove that IMCs are not produced by shadowy net ghosts, but by actual living breathing human beings, most of whom are your neighbors. This might […]

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