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More Critique of Alternet

More Critique of Alternet The San Francisco Bay Guardian has this editorial further criticizing Don Hazen, the executive director of the Indepdendent Media Institute and Alternet. At the end there is a good compendium of links to background info and past SFBG articles on this controversy. (via News Kiosk) I tried to hunt down […]

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Dept. Of Justice Takes Over Responsibility for Permitting Media Consolidation

Dept. Of Justice Takes Over Responsibility for Permitting Media Consolidation The DOJ and the Federal Trade Commission have finalized their agreement to allow the DOJ to exclusively review and approve media mergers for antitrust. Originally this was a back-room deal until the Senate Commerce Committe Chair Sen. Hollings got wind of it. He’s still pissed […]

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New mediageek Radio Show On-Line

New mediageek Radio Show On-Line The still-in-demo mode mediageek radio program aired for the first time at 5:30 PM Friday on WEFT. It consisted mainly of a 25-minute audio documentary on the Champaign-Urbana Grassroots Wireless Internet Project. I think it turned out rather well and got some good feedback on it. You can listen to […]

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How Alternative is Alternet?

How Alternative is Alternet? Al Giordano, the publisher of the excellent and crusading investigative news site Narco News, has published a scathing critique of Alternet, the largest syndicator of “alternative” news content, and its executive director, Don Hazen. Giordano takes Alternet and Hazen to task for charging a “usurious” fee of 50% of net for […]

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