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More on why radio sucks.

More on why radio sucks. I stumbled on this article on CNN that takes a quick look at the slide in listener satisfaction with radio and it’s fall from the experimental and artistic heyday of the late 60s and early 70s. At the end it looks to the new satellite services like XM as a […]

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The webcasting royalty rates as

The webcasting royalty rates as set by the Copyright Office are out, and, as one might suspect, nobody is happy with them. The recording industry says they’re too low, the small webcasters say they’re too high. I haven’t had a chance to investigate this myself yet, but it seems that in general the indie opinion […]

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Traveling Radio Horror Stories

Traveling Radio Horror Stories When taking car trips I used to listen mostly to tapes, CDs and minidiscs, since so much radio across the country sounds the same after a few hundred miles. But these days I listen to the radio much more, almost as a challenge to see if I can find something I […]

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Check-In from the UPC

Check-In from the UPC I’m here in Bowling Green at a public access computer in a dorm after a day of sessions and walking around. I went to two sessions today, one on publishing an indpendent newspaper and one on stencil/graffitti art. After the newspaper session folks who publish indy newspapers got together and hammered […]

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I’ve got a lot of

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire at work, then leaving town for a memorial service and then the UPC in Bowling Green (OH). So that means not much mediageek action for the next five days or so. To tide you over — USA Today reports that, “In a delay that seems to […]

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