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Congressional Democrats Urge FCC

Congressional Democrats Urge FCC Chair Powell To Actually Be a Regulator. Powell declines, prefers to deregulate, slack, take industry-funded junkets, and bide time until cushy telecomm job when Bush loses 2004 election. At least he concedes that maybe the Commish shoudn’t shut down its accounting safeguard division. I guess that makes up for how your […]

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FCC Business Just Under Our Radar

FCC Business Just Under Our Radar FCC watching can be a full-time job. That’s why radio stations and other telecomm business have to hire $500/hr communications law firms to keep them legal (or at least out of trouble), and on the inside track. How’s that for democracy? After reading my last post about the FCC’s […]

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What Do YOU Think About the FCC’s Plans?

What Do YOU Think About the FCC’s Plans? I just became aware that the FCC has a draft five-year strategic plan that’s open for public comment until Aug. 2. The plan details the FCC’s goal in six core areas: BROADBAND: Establish regulatory policies that promote competition, innovation, and investment in broadband services and facilities while […]

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Fuck the Entertainment Cartel, for They Are Evil

To whit: “Hoping to end the online trading frenzy that has plagued the music business, the movie industry is hunting down digital film swappers and getting their Internet service cut off.” — You know, just where do all those movies that are still in theaters and traded on file-sharing networks come from? A good part […]

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