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CNet reports that Real Networks

CNet reports that Real Networks intends to open its source code for its streaming media products. That’s one I could have hoped for, but never would have predicted. I’m a professional user of Real’s streaming server, and have found it to be the most user-friendly and flexible one available, but the independent in me has […]

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Telecom giant WorldCom is filing

Telecom giant WorldCom is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. Important communications infrastructure — Internet backbone, long distance, private data lines — hangs in the balance. Corporate malfeasance affects us all, whether we like it or not. What choice did you have in WorldCom taking over huge gobs of your necessary communications system? What vote […]

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SJ Mercury News: “High-tech hangout

SJ Mercury News: “High-tech hangout turns amateurs into digital video pros”: “In the 10 weeks since it has opened, the space known as DV Dojo has attracted film students, video buffs and storytellers who squeeze into a narrow, brick and blond wood room for a weekend class, a five-week course or a film screening…” This […]

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