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CBS Marketwatch writer Chris Plummer

CBS Marketwatch writer Chris Plummer says that “business media is failing its audience,” by not being sufficiently critical or investigative. I say, “no shit, Sherlock.” Of course, as a business writer himself, Plummer dances around the root cause, while still identifying many symptoms of the illness: “Business journalists have always been bedeviled by an inescapable […]

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Deregulation Is Double-Speak

John Anderson, of, notes that FCC Chief Commissioner Michael Powell has “outlined four goals he wants to see the FCC work toward when it comes to managing spectrum,” where #2 is to move a system of “market controlled” regulation. John says that reading that almost made him lose his lunch, and I’d agree with […]

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RaiseTheFist Editor To Be Indicted

RaiseTheFist Editor To Be Indicted From the News Kiosk: “Federal prosecutors are indicting Sherman Austin, 19 year old founder / webmaster of Raise the Fist (, an anarchist independent media / direct action network. Sherman is being charged with 2 felony violations of the following: 18 U.S.C. 842 (p)(2)(A): DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION RELATING TO […]

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RIP: Beta

RIP: Beta Yeah, and you thought it was dead ten years ago. It’s actually amazing that Beta held on until now, given that it has had little support aside from Sony for the last fifteen years. Even it’s professional-grade brethen, Betacam, it’s slowly being phased out by Sony, in favor of digital formats. Though Betacam […]

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70 Million File Sharers? Time To Build More Prisons!

70 Million File Sharers? Time To Build More Prisons! Following up from yesterday’s article, Wired News reports that “The government is preparing a national crackdown on file traders that would crush the rogue swapping networks in the same manner hackers were pushed underground 12 years ago…. Washington lawmakers have been crafting bills that would […]

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