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Sony Says “Uh, maybe?” to Mindisc-to-PC Uploads

Sony Says “Uh, maybe?” to Mindisc-to-PC Uploads Sony has replied to the on-line petition sponsored by asking that their netMD recorders allow users to upload to computers audio recorded on their MD recorders in addition to being able to download audio to MD from their computers. It seems like this one-way transfer is in […]

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Back In the Champaign Crib

Back In the Champaign Crib I posted a couple of articles to Indymedia sites (Seattle, Madison and Urbana-Champaign) while in Seattle to keep those not in the middle of the action updated. I linked to one of them in passing, but didn’t make them explicit — so here are the stories: Negativland Uses Mosquito Fleet […]

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Almost Home from Seattle

Almost Home from Seattle After about 30 hours of driving I’m in Madison, WI getting ready to head back to Champaign. I think the conference was mostly successful, though what excited me most was seeing the mosquito fleet go into action. According to a post on Seattle IMC from one of the mosquito helpers, there […]

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