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Live from Seattle and Reclaim

Live from Seattle and Reclaim the Media! I arrived in Seattle yesterday evening along with my traveling partner, John Anderson of, after a not-too-bad 2000 mile trek from Madison, WI. Constant scanning through the AM and FM dials only proved how pervasive cookie-cutter, automated radio formats have become, even in small western cities. And […]

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Pew Study Says Americans More Interested in DIY Journalism, but Still Serves Warning

This story on Cyberjournalist reports that Americans became more interested in amateur reporting as a result of relying on such accounts, primarily found on the Internet, during the events of Sept. 11. ” Most notable, the study said, were the widespread first-person accounts, which most frequently appeared on personal Web logs, but also appeared on […]

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Reclaim the Media with mediageek

Reclaim the Media with mediageek The Reclaim the Media conference, which is coincident with the NAB’s Radio Show in Seattle, is really shaping up and looking good. The conference happens Sept. 10 – 15. The schedule is now posted, and there’s lots of cool shit going on. The kick-off event is “Surrealist Subversions” with my […]

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It’s not quite media-related, but

It’s not quite media-related, but Salon’s Scott Rosenberg has on his blog a very cogent and concise deconstruction of right-wing, pro-Administration pundits’ tossing about of the term “appeasement” at those who express doubts about or outright oppose going to war, with “terrorists,” with Iraq, with the “Axis of Evile”: “An ‘appeasement’ policy depends on the […]

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This kinda scares the shit

This kinda scares the shit out of me. And, it also kinda just confirms my darker suspicions about my fellow ‘mericans. The AP reports: “Support for the First Amendment has eroded significantly since Sept. 11 and nearly half of Americans now think the constitutional amendment on free speech goes too far in the rights it […]

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