More Reports from the Senate Hearing on Radio Ownership: Clear Channel Gets Skewered

Both Wired News and Reuters have more fleshed out reports from yesterday’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing on radio ownership, and both show that Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays got (deservedly) grilled and charbroiled. In one exchange, documented by Wired News,

“(Senate Commerce Committee Chair) McCain also took on Clear Channel over its presence in San Diego. While federal rules prevent a company from owning more than eight stations in a market, Clear Channel has the maximum in San Diego while owning five in Mexico that broadcast into San Diego.

‘It’s clearly in violation of the intent of the law,’ McCain said.”

Indeed, it seems like things were pretty hot for Lowry Mays in there, as Reuters notes that “Clear Channel had few defenders besides Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and National Assn. of Broadcasting president-CEO Eddie Fritts.”

I still haven’t had time to watch the video of the hearing (which is 3 hours long), but I’ll probably try to extract some choice tidbits for next week’s mediageek radio show.


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