Clear Channel’s New Format: All War Radio

Internal Memos finds this one from Clear Channel management telling the air staff of Sacramento News-Talker KFBK what to do when (not if) the US begins war on Iraq.

To me, the most telling and crass part of the memo is that the station has already “branded” the war with “liners,” which are the short (~10 secs) audio segments that identify programs, stations, etc.:

“Branding liners have been produced and are in the system. Michael please issue a memo making it clear where board ops will find this important imaging. Mike also make certain that our cross promos on the FMs all address Live in-depth team coverage of the War with Iraq on Newstalk 1530 KFBK.(emphasis added)

They even plan to make a war their exclusive:

“Don’t forget, when appropriate use language like ‘a Newstalk 1530 KFBK exclusive’ ‘a story you are only hearing on KFBK’ or ‘a story you heard first on KFBK’. Make sure we own being FIRST.”

Of course, it makes sense for a news radio station to prepare its coverage for a very likely war with Iraq and to be ready when it happens. What’s disturbing is how the station has to brand the war and make their own. Yes, I realize that’s what CNN, FOX and every other commercial news station will do, but that does not make it right. (link via David Galbraith’s Weblog)

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