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What’s Up With Chris Plummer?

The Internet is a crazy place sometimes. Today the mediageek site is getting hundreds and hundreds of hits from people using various search engines looking for “Chris Plummer CBS Marketwatch,” or some similar variation. Inexplicably, one old mediageek post comes up as the top, or close to the top search result all around.

Of course, what I’m trying to figure out is: why is everyone looking for Chris Plummer?

One guess I have is that folks must be looking for Plummer’s most recent article, entitled “Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S.; If only such largesse flowed to all of us,” which seems to have gotten a little bit of attention. But that’s only a big guess.

So if any mediageek readers have any better educated guesses, please share ’em.

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Independent Views and Coverage on the Media Reform & Be the Media! Conferences

In case you haven’t been reading the Be The Media! Blog, here are some some links to coverage highlights of the National Conference on Media Reform and the Be the Media! conference, that happened in Madison, WI, this past weekend (Nov 7-9).
(Of course, this is just a sampling of some interesting bits — read the blog itself for a more filling meal.)

I posted some of my own brief thoughts on Saturday’s proceedings, and will continue to report and reflect on the conferences in the coming days, both here and at

As I said, this isn’t all. A few of the blog participants–including me–took during many of the sessions and panels, which you can read on the blog, too.

I think the Be the Media Blog was a great idea and I have to thank Kristian for setting it up and inviting me to participate. It will serve as both a lasting archive of data on the conference that is much richer than the necessarily skimpy press reports, as well as depository for ongoing thoughts and dialogues about the conferences, their effects and futures.

It’s a great application of the weblog technology, and shows how blogs can be used to provide a forum for unfiltered, nearly instantaneous and extemporaneous, but focused information about a topic or event.

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A Good, Long, Tiring Day

The first day of the Nat’l Conference on Media Reform was fun and exhausting. Most satisfying is that we carried off all the mp3/shoutcast audio streams without a hitch, maxing out the bandwidth for most of the streams. I think that means people were interested in hearing the sessions and that it was a valuable service.

This evening’s concert at the Orpheum theater was amazed, and we understand that our webcast of it was picked up by unlicensed micropower stations in Madison and Champaign-Urbana, in addition to KPOO in Oakland, CA, and possibly WORT in Madison.

The concert itself — the kickoff for the Tell Us the Truth Tour — was an amazing musical event, bringing together the likes of Billy Bragg and Boots Riley of the Coup for all sorts of performing combinations on stage. Combine that with some interesting speakers — all of whom kept things short enough to be engaging and not lose momentum — and a nice 15 minute “informercial” for media reform, and it was a pretty inspirational night… and fun.

For the first half of the show the theater was definitely filled past capacity, and the audience that stuck around for all 3.5 hours kept the place moving.

I think it’s important to keep this sense of fun and culture going alongside all the serious talk about media reform and action. I’m aware that it also serves to get us whipped up pep rally style — but what’s so wrong with that.

I blogged the opening remarks of the conference over on the Be the Media! Blog. I took notes during the Global Media Reform session in the afternoon, but there was no active web connection, so I still have to upload them. There was some serious blogging going on today, so you can really get a sense for the conference just by reading folks’ various accounts of the sessions.

And tomorrow, we’ve got more webcasts, the IMC caucus and a cool session of Be the Media! focused on micropower and LPFM radio.

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Listen in to the Conference on Media Reform

Things are in place for the webcasting of several of the Conference’s sessions, including tonight’s big events, a speech by Ralph Nader and the kick off of the Tell The Truth Tour, featuring:

Musical Performances by Billy Bragg, The Nightwatchman
and Lester Chambers. More information at Plus remarks by MC John Nichols,
The Nation/Free Press; John Sweeney, AFL-CIO; Naomi
Klein, author and journalist; FCC Commissioner Michael
Copps; Juan Gonzalez, National Association of Hispanic

For the webcast (in mp3 and RealAudio), go to

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