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On Today’s Radio Show: Mbanna Kantako from the Archives

On today’s mediageek we’re going into the archives to play a talk given by microradio pioneer Mbanna Kantako of Human Rights Radio at the University of Illinois, Springfield, in Feb. 1998. This talk originally aired on the predessor program to mediageek, Radio Free Conscience.

With all the activity going on in free radio it’s important to reflect on its history and see where it came from. In the US it started with a blind man trying to organize the residents of Springfield, IL public housing.

After the program airs I will post both the program, containing an edited version of the talk, and the full unedited version. This is step one of getting the pre-mediageek radio show archives available, since RFC aired biweekly for 5 and half years prior. There’s some interesting stuff, including coverage of the struggle over Pacifica and microbroadcasters, some of whom are no longer broadcasting.

Check back for progress on this project.

For more audio from Kantako and Human Rights Radio, see DIYmedia’s Mbanna Kantako archive.

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Brattleboro Newspaper Calls on Sen. Leahy and Rep. Sanders to Support Free Radio

The Brattleboro, VT daily newspaper the Reformer published an editorial today calling on Vermont’s Sen. Patrick Leahy and Rep. Bernie Sanders to support Radio Free Brattleboro. Both men have been outspoken proponents of free speech causes, with Leahy being honored for his work in support of the Freedom of Information Act, and Sanders being one of the Congressional leaders in opposing big media monopolies.

“Both these issues are important in upholding the kind of free, strong, independent media that is crucial to the health of democracy. So, too, are small, community radio outlets like rfb, that are willing to air viewpoints that are often marginalized by mainstream media organizations.

“Because rfb is technically a pirate station, under federal law it cannot ever receive an FCC low-watt license. The station, therefore, is in a no-win situation. It needs heavyweight support from those who wield power in Washington.

“The FCC needs to hear a clear signal from our lawmakers that their Brattleboro constituents support this low-watt station. May we suggest that tonight’s gathering would be an excellent platform for Sen. Leahy to send such a message. “

FRB is also asking Vermont-based supporters to call Sen. Leahy:

“We need you to call Senator Leahy’s office today in Washington, DC at 1-202-224-
4242 right away to demand that he address the plight of his community radio
station in Southern Vermont during his speech tonight at the Radio and
Television News Directors Foundation. Senator Leahy is receving a Leadership
Award for his First Amendment work in supporting the Freedom of Information
Act. “>

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Brief Dish vs. Viacom Followup

Yesterday I asked if Dish would pro-rate my subscription charge for the loss of my Viacom channels — Comedy Central being the only one I miss. Well, the answer is, yes. Dish is running a continuous feed of a short video featuring CEO Charlie Ergen explaining the situation (from Dish’s POV), and he tells us […]

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A Really Free Press

I surfed on by the (apparently frozen in late-2003) ‘new’ Factsheet 5 website, but found a nice interview with Mike Hoy of Loompanics Unlimited, publisher of great titles like Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving and Methods of Disguise. About twelve years ago I bought a Loompanics title at an […]

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