Urbana Zine Reading, Chicago Self-Publishing Fest

The tireless Brent Ritzl of Zine Guide fame and the Chicago Self-Publishers Event Council will be heading down to help host another ‘zine reading at the Urbana-Champaign IMC, 218 W. Main St., Urbana, on Saturday, April 17 at 6:30 PM. I think this will be the fourth reading at the IMC that Chicago SPEC has participated in, and each one has been a blast with some really great readings. I also will be reading a piece from the forthcoming mediageek zine #2.

Then, on the following Saturday, March 24, Chicago SPEC in conjunction with the WLUW Record & Zine Fair will co-host a Self-Publishing and Media Reform Fest at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, 1419 W. Blackhawk in
Chicago, from 10 am to 6 pm.

I think I’ll be making an effort to attend, and maybe catch some audio (or even video) for the radio show.

The scheduled workshops and readings are:

10:00 – ­11:20 am: workshop How to make a zine: individual & group zine
project, facilitators include:

Molly Gage (Art Institute graduate student) – moderator

Alicia Dorr (Random Life In Progress, Zine Guide)

Bradley Adita (READ Zine Making Party coordinator)

11:30 – ­12:50 pm: workshop – Workshopping zines: critical analysis of
self-published media, facilitators include:

Aaron Cynic (Diatribe zine) – moderator

Keight Sandler (Backstabber zine)

Kari Lydersen (Washington Post, Lip Magazine, In These Times, Chicago
Reader, Clamor…)

Brent Ritzel (Zine Guide & Tail Spins Magazine)

1:00 – ­1:50 pm: readings [featuring 5 to 7 minute readings], readers include:

Louis Silverstein (Columbia College professor in Liberal Education)

Emerson Dameron (Wherewithal zine)

Grant Schreiber (Judas Goat Quarterly)

Larry O. Dean (www.larryodean.com)

Leonard “The Ludic Kid” Pierce (The Ludic Log – www.ludickid.com)

Howard Schlossberg (Columbia College professor in Journalism)

Anthony Rayson (Thought Bombs)

Brandon Wetherbee (Foul Inc., WRDP Program Director)

2:00­3:10 pm: panel – The U.S.A. Patriot Act, Civil Rights & Teh Media –
panelists include:

Aaron Cynic (Diatribe zine) – moderator

Barbara Iverson (Columbia College professor in Journalism)

Saher Selod (Loyola University graduate student in sociology)

Ed Marzewski (Lumpen, Version>04)

3:20 – ­4:35 pm: panel – The FCC: What’s New? panelists include:

Emerson Dameron (Wherewithal zine) – moderator

Paul Street (ZNet contributor)

Mitchell Szczepanczyk (Chicago Media Action)

Hope Daniels (Columbia College professor in Radio/Sound)

4:45 – ­6:00 pm: panel – IPA Chicago panel: Transforming self-publishing into
self-sustenance, (brought to you by Independent Press Association of Chicago) – panelists include:

Aaron Sarver (In These Times) – moderator

Daniel Sinker (Punk Planet, Bail)

Amy Schroeder (Venus)

Leticia Cortez (Hasta Cuando)

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