Friday’s Radioshow On-Line: Interview with Skidmark Bob and V-Man from Freak Radio Santa Cruz

Last Friday’s radioshow was a lot of fun. First, because Bob and V-Man are articulate, true independent media die-hards and both of them do some great radio on FRSC. Second, because it was the mediageek radioshow’s first joint simulcast — Bob and V-Man were in the studio at Freak Radio broadcasting their end of the phone feed while we broadcasted on our end at the WEFT studio. They stayed on the line for the rest of the show, past the interview, including some news about a bunch of FCC micropower busts that happened about the same time that Freak Radio was visited, but not busted, by the FCC.

The program is now on-line for downloading and listening, in mp3 and ogg voribs.

Check out archives of Skidmark Bob’s and V-Man’s programs at Radio4All. At each page select “View all programs in this series” from the pulldown at the top of the page and click “View” to see all the episodes you can download.

pOP dEFECT Radio is the soundtrack of the resistance, featuring Skidmark Bob’s mix of timely music and collage that hits hard and funny.

Rockin’ the Boat is V-Man’s interview and news program that demonstrates you don’t need a big (corporate underwriting supported) budget and a team of unpaid interns to create incisive topical programming.

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