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Now Out: Mediageek Zine #2

It made its debut at the Allied Media Conference, where a lucky 16 or so got their hands on the first copies, and now it’s available to everyone: mediageek zine #2.
This new issue contains the following articles:

Zining on the Cheap, by Low Hug Editrix Aj Michel – Chock full of hints and tips for getting your zine put together cheaply but with style and quality.
Lomo Me, Lomo You – I Am not a Photographer – My musings on a pile of cheap plastic cameras from the former Soviet Union and elsewhere, along with ideas for taking pics on the cheap.
Evolution of a Radiogeek – Reflections on my first moments as a boy on the radio, using a Radio Shack kit and spool of wire (preview this article below).
Pirate Radio Across the Nation, by John Anderson of – John provides an incredibly comprehensive overview of the unlicensed microbroadcasting scene in the US, region by region. This article alone is worth the cost of the ‘zine, because data this rich and organized isn’t available anywhere else.
Read Pirate Radio – Collected reviews of books on topic of pirate radio, including reviews of: Pirate Radio Stations, by Andrew Yoder; 40 Watts from Nowhere, by Sue Carpenter; Access to the Airwaves, by Allan H. Weiner; Seizing the Airwaves, edited by Ron Sakolsky and Stephen Dunifer.

Like I did with mediageek #1, I’ll give you a teaser piece here for free, click MORE below to read Evolution of a Radiogeek.

mediageek zine #2 is available for $3 post-paid, currently via the mail only. Send well concealed cash or money order to:
Paul Riismandel
P.O. Box 2102
Champaign, IL 61825-2102

I will post the full zine here in electronic form once this printing is sold out. However, given that zine #1 is still not yet sold out, I wouldn’t hold my breath. So, send the three clams already.

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