Media EmergenC in San Diego

Now this is a reason to go to San Diego in early October — The National Association of Broadcasters is holding its annual Radio Show convention in San Diego on Oct. 6 – 9. The San Diego IMC along with Free Radio San Diego and other local organizations is hosting Media EmergenC, an independent media conference and convergence.

Media EmergenC looks a lot like the Reclaim the Media conference which I attended in Seattle back in 2002. Reclaim the Media was also held in response to the NAB Radio Show.

Given the involvement of Free Radio San Diego, I expect there will be some free radio action coincident with Media EmergenC. What would be great would be a mosquito fleet of micropower stations like what happened at Reclaim the Media.

Reclaim the Media was a ton of fun, and EmergenC looks like it will be similar. The car trip out to Seattle in 2002 with’s John was long, but also a blast, but a car trip to San Diego from Champaign, IL would be even longer. I wish I had the time and cash to make the trip to EmergenC, but I think I’ll just have to suffice it to enjoy the web stream.

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