Champaign-Urbana Community Radio on Media Matters this Sunday

Media Matters is Prof. Robert McChesney‘s weekly call-in talk show on our local NPR affiliate, WILL-AM 580. On this Sunday’s show at 1 PM I am one of the guests along with Mike Lehman, the founding force behind our new LPFM station taking to the air in June and a founding member of our local IMC, and Sandra Ahten, who currently works to produce the IMC’s weekly radio news program.

We pretaped this program last week, so you can’t call in. But you can listen on the radio if you’re in the northern half of Illinois. The station has a booming AM signal during the day that reaches nearly to Wisconsin on the North and almost to Indianapolis on the East.

You an also listen on-line when it airs or catch it in the archives afterwards.

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