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Any Bloggers Going to AMC?

I’m looking for indie-minded bloggers who’ve been blogging for at least a year, but preferrably 2 years or longer who are planning to attend (or thinking about attending) the Allied Media Conference in June.

Please send me an e-mail: paul (at)

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Radio Zapote May Not Be Evicted

Following up on a post last week about the possible eviction of Mexico City free radio station, Radio Zapote, from the School of Anthropology and History: Global Indymedia has a feature on the situation, along with photos and audio interviews in Spanish, with a summary in English.

Now it seems there are conflicted opinions at the University and the station may not be evicted afterall:

In an interview the Director told us, “There is no indication of eviction. There is the indication to analyze the situation, and if there is a better space to offer [Radio Zapote], we will give them this better space and offer the space [of Radio Zapote] to other groups. No decision has been taken. We are seeking better alternatives.”

That’s good news for Radio Zapote, however I think it’s wise for them to be prepared and alert. We might recall that the licensed shortwave Radio for Peace International was evicted from the Univeristy for Peace in Costa Rica back in 2003.

Universities are instruments of the state, by and large, even if they are kinder and gentler than most such instruments. Their institutional interests are political and economic, and while they will protect speech and intellectual inquiry more than most institutions, do not expect them to do so when threatened or offered incentive to renege on protections.

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When Zine Readings Go Bad

A year ago the Urbana-Champaign IMC Library held its last zine reading, which was sparsely attended, somewhat due to our friends from Chicago breaking down in Kankakee. The small crowd was made up for by a drunked Slayer fan who helped make it an EXTREME ZINE READING by nearly assaulting local zinester Brad of Silly Little Trouser Monkees.

Of course, I caught it on video. Now, finally, one year later I have the footage captured and compressed for the enjoyment of the world, thanks to a new camcorder to replace my broke-down one.

The video is available for download at

Never one to let opportunity pass him by, Brad has since tapped the man now known as the Slayer Rules Guy to pen an advice column for the upcoming SLTM #22.

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Googled for Rush Limbaugh Blowjob

I was trying to figure out why this blog keeps getting referrals from people searching for some combination of “Rush Limbaugh” and “blowjob.” First, why would someone search for that disturbing mental imagine? And, second, why does Google direct them here?

Somehow the news passed by me, but apparently ol’ Rushie used the BJ-word on his show April 12, as part of a bizarre tirade about Al Gore’s new TV network.

Folks are getting directed to mediageek in their fruitless search more Limbaugh oral sex information because a commenter used the word “blow job” in responding to a post I made back in Oct. 2003 about Rush’s prescription drug problems.

What I don’t understand is why don’t these searchers just use Google News for the most up-to-the-minute Limbaugh fellatio bulletins?

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