When Zine Readings Go Bad

A year ago the Urbana-Champaign IMC Library held its last zine reading, which was sparsely attended, somewhat due to our friends from Chicago breaking down in Kankakee. The small crowd was made up for by a drunked Slayer fan who helped make it an EXTREME ZINE READING by nearly assaulting local zinester Brad of Silly Little Trouser Monkees.

Of course, I caught it on video. Now, finally, one year later I have the footage captured and compressed for the enjoyment of the world, thanks to a new camcorder to replace my broke-down one.

The video is available for download at Archive.org.

Never one to let opportunity pass him by, Brad has since tapped the man now known as the Slayer Rules Guy to pen an advice column for the upcoming SLTM #22.

Update: I just figured out that audio cuts out about half-way through the video. Damn you Premiere 6.5! At least the audio is good through the altercation. I’ll fix it and reupload later tonight.

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