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FCC Approves Calvary Chapel LPFMs

This one totally flew under my radar: apparently two weeks ago the FCC ruled that fourteen Calvary Chapel churches could get low-power FM licenses.

Last year the FCC held thirty applications from Calvary Chapel churches because they essentially submitted cookie cutter applications. The FCC Audio Bureau Chief Peter Doyle wrote that,

there is nothing in their statements of educational purpose to distinguish these applicants from other Calvary Chapel applicants who filed identical applications for LPFM stations, or national Calvary Chapel radio companies such as CSN International and Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls that own numerous full-service and FM translator stations throughout the country.

True community-based LPFM advocates got upset about these Calvary Chapel applications because CSN and Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls have together set up an enormous network of satellite-fed translator stations that take up frequencies that might otherwise have gone to true locally-programmed LPFM stations. Thus the similarity of the individual churches’ applications to stuff submitted by CSN and Twin Falls, combined with the apparent connection between them all, gave the impression that these LPFMs would be used primarily as satellite affiliates, rather than true local stations.

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