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On Today’s Radioshow: Iowans Challenging Sinclair

In a few minutes I’ll be interviewing Charlie Miller and Eileen Finnegan from Iowans for Better Local TV, in Iowa City. Their group is challenging the license of the Sinclair-owned station in their city, due to its centralizing of news content, and a very locally relevant incident:

The tipping point occurred when SBG conducted on on-air attack of an Iowa Citian because it opposed his views. The fact that KGAN transmitted SBG’s smear without contacting him or offering equal time was the troubling wake-up call for us that our local television was in trouble. It no longer served the community, but a narrow agenda of a distant corporation.

Also joining me in the studio will be Andrew Kennis and Brian Dolber, who will be contributing regularly to the program. Andrew and Brian both went to the Anti-War march in Washington DC this past weekend, and will report back on their experiences and their take on mainstream media’s coverage of the march.

Today’s show will also be the first mediageek of the WEFT Fall Pledge Drive. If you’re a local WEFT listener or you listen on-line, please give a call in during the show and make a pledge to keep indepenent community radio alive and strong in East-Central Illinois.

If you listen on one of our community radio affiliate stations, then please be sure to support your local station however you can.

The show airs live on community radio WEFT 90.1 FM in Champaign, IL at 5:30 PM CDT. It will be posted for on-line listening, download and podcasting by midnight Sunday night.

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News Headlines from the Sept. 23 Radioshow

These are the news headlines as read on the Sept. 23 edition of the mediageek radioshow: Community Media Activists Speak Out Against Legislation; Roundup Bringing Western LPFMs Together; CT Cops Run Racist Pirate Radio Station; CPB Says It Doesn’t Have To Be Open; Radio Station for Katrina Evacuees Shuts Down.

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See Indie Bike Videos from Portland Tuesday at noon, Boardman’s Art Theater in Champaign

My pal Shawn Granton will be in town this coming week, and he’s bringing some great videos documenting Portland, Oregon’s thriving bicycle scene. Microcosm publishing describes them thusly:

“If you’ve been hearing a lot about all of the crazy bicycle stuff in Portland but didn’t really know what was going on, this is a good introduction to it. Many of the facets of the Portland alternative bike community are represented here including ZooBomb, Bike Polo, Chunk 666, bike hauling and transportation, and some more creative
artistic things (like the bicycle audio project). The collection leaves you with a feeling that you could not only go out and ride a bike but also make a short film about it!”

Shawn will be a guest on Friday’s radioshow, where he’ll talk more about the videos and Portland’s thriving DIY scene.

It all goes down at a special lunchtime showing, noon at Boardman’s Art Theater in downtown Champaign (IL). The showing is free (with a suggested donation), and the Theater has yummy eats available for lunch.

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Hey, where’d everybody go?

It’s obligatory for a blogger to occasionally have to apologize for a somewhat unscheduled absence. Here’s mine.

I got married a little more than a week ago, and the commensurate hubub and family entertaining that happened wiped me out, and has meant that I’ve neglected the blog until the front page was blank (note to self: fix that damn MT template!).

So, I’m back, though with nothing in particular to report. The radio show was not so neglected — a weekly timeslot will do that to you. So if you haven’t already, check out the last two editions,including part 2 of my interview with Pacifica reporter Aaron Glantz, and a discussion with my pal John Anderson about microradio during recent times of crisis.

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