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Paticipatory Media Reading Group

Any Champaign-Urbana local folks might be interested in participating in a reading group on Participatory Media I’m helping to organize along with Andrew. We’ve set our first meeting for Thursday Oct. 13, 7 PM at Cafe Giuliani (formerly the Green St. Coffee House) on Green St. in Campustown, Champaign. There’s a private meeting room in the back, and that’s where we’ll be.

At the first meeting we’ll talk about the areas we want to pursue and we’ll hand out a foundational reading.

Reading groups tend to attract mostly grad students and faculty, but we’re welcome to anyone who wants to participate.

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News Headlines from the Sept. 30 Radioshow

These are the news headlines as read on the Sept. 30 edition of the mediageek radioshow: Legislators Considering Options for Analog TV Spectrum and DTV Deadline; BitTorrent Gets $8.75M in Venture Capital; Iowa Citizens Challenging Sinclair TV License; CPB Elects Republican Activists To Lead Board

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