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FCC One Step Closer to Full?

Will poor FCC Chairman Kevin Martin get another Republican commissioner for Christmas? According to the National Journal’s Insider Update there are two new names being floated to replace Kathleen Abernathy. They’re both telecomm industry insiders with plenty of industry connections, so we can rest assured that the public interest will not be a primary concern […]

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News Headlines from the Dec. 2 Radioshow: Indecency Day at the Senate Commerce Committe; Parents and Televangelists Not So Happy With Gov’t Indecency Regs; Giant Alternative Weekly Merger

These are the media news headlines as read on the Dec. 2 edition of the mediageek radioshow. Indecency Day at the Senate Commerce Committee These days, indecency is never gone too long, or, at least, Congress’ love affair with indecency. On Tuesday, Nov. 29 the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on broadcast indecency, and […]

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Grateful Dead Archive Resurrection

According to and a post at the Grateful Dead show archive is being mostly restored. Per Relix: According to Grateful Dead spokesman Dennis McNally, the removal on November 22 of all downloadable Dead recordings from was the result of “a great communication snafu.” “It is my understanding that by the end of […]

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