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How Do You Sell Neutrality?

Josh Breitbart of MediaTank and Clamor has been blogging lately, and raises a really good question about the framing of the network neutrality debate: Only a Democrat would think people could get excited about neutrality. What’s the opposite of “neutral”? Non-neutral… Partisan… In gear…? The same issue has been bugging me, but I haven’t been […]

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Happy 50th Birthday to Videotape

I missed this story last week: Friday was the 50th anniversary of the debut of modern videotape. While there were many attempts at recording television to magnetic tape or record platters going back more than 20 years prior, April 14, 1956 was the first public demonstration of a videotape recorder using a rotating drum head. […]

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New Jersey Nostalgia

FMU’s Beware of the Blog alerts me to a little piece of Jersey nostalgia in the form of the website of Randy Now, former promoter for the great City Gardens club in Trenton, NJ, where I went to college in the early 90s. And Randy’s still at DJ at WTSR, radio station for The College […]

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