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Sanyo Xacti HD

Sanyo Xacti HD Camcorder: “don’t get suckered”

Camcorder Info is one of the best review sites for consumer camcorders. Unlike a lot of reviews you’ll read, they’re critical of picture quality and take a look a features like manual controls. Yesterday they took on Sanyo’s new Xacti “High-Def” camcorder that records to SD memory cards, and find that while it’s a good […]

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Net Neutrality All The Rage this Week

They haven’t killed net neutrality yet, but I think House Republicans are pulling out their hatchets. Public Knowledge’s Policy Blog takes note of several events in Congress this week where net neutrality is at the forefront. It all starts Tuesday at 5 Pm when the House Energy and Commerce Committee‘s Telecommunications and Internet Subcommittee starts […]

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Sudden Positive Interest in Minidisc

It’s strange, minidisc had been pretty much left for dead by the mainstream, despite a pretty big installed user base. Now Sony defies expectation by releasing a new recorder that sheds just about every drawback of the format and a few positive articles pop up in the geek mediasphere. About a week ago, the Crave […]

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