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Catching Up with the Radioshow: The Yes Men Spoof Halliburton, Bringing Transmitters to Central America, Musicians Support Internet Freedom

If you don’t normally listen to the mediageek radioshow, you should consider checking out the last two programs. Yesterday my guests were Bill Taylor and Adrienne Bauer from the Primary Communications Project, talking about their plans to bring a 1 kilowatt AM radio transmitter to the Lenca people of Honduras. I also played part of […]

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Making Waves on Free Speech TV

Micheal Lahey’s well-done documentary about pirate radio in Tuscon, AZ, Making Waves, is airing this month on Free Speech TV. It airs tonight at 9 PM EDT, and seems to be in regular rotation in the schedule right now. Free Speech TV is on all Dish Network satellite TV packages, and some of its programming […]

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From Today’s Radioshow: Primary Communications Project

My guests for today’s radioshow were Bill Taylor and Adrienne Bauer from the Primary Communications Project, which works to bring communications technology to indigenous communities in Centarl America. Bill and Adrienne recently returned from Honduras where they are working with Radio Lenca and the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras to build […]

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Growing the Movement To Save the Internet with Moby, REM and Others

An unsuprising coalition of musicians has come together under the banner of Artists and Musicians for Internet Freedom to support network neutrality legislation. Strangely, the group doesn’t have a website yet, though REM’s website has an announcement about it, and explains the issue rather succinctly: Net Neutrality is the long-held principle that all online speech […]

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